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About Wind Turbines

The Grid Friendly – Wind turbines

prod01_01_cont02_1As demands change, so must technology.

Building on Wind turbines proven  series that has been in commercial operation since 2002, with increasing demands for network compatibility, power quality and reliability, Wind turbines is proud to offer the grid friendly

Developed from the innovative grid friendly, introduced in 2006, the grid friendly  is the same robust, reliable drive train, providing unmatched grid support and power quality with increased conversion efficiency from the larger 93 m rotor.

What makes these turbines grid friendly?

The key item that allows this platform to provide unmatched power quality and grid support is an innovative concept to wind energy production, one that has been tested over many decades – the use of a fixed speed synchronous generator. This generator configuration mirrors traditional power generation while incorporating Wind turbines wind turbine design and control systems which have been cultivated since 1995 through innovative evolutionary generations. The fixed speed synchronous generator, in combination with proven blade and rotor design, provide high quality power while at the same time eliminating the need for a converter or power electronics at the point of interconnect.

How can you get the efficiency of a variable speed rotor and the power quality of a fixed speed synchronous generation in the same machine?

This ideal pairing is made possible through the use of a hydraulic torque converter, the WinDrive©, supplied by Voith Turbo. The WinDrive’s© primary role is to convert variable speed input to constant speed output for the fixed speed generator, and is a hydraulic couple between the generator and a two-stage planetary gearbox. The natural benefit of this coupling is the dampening of excessive forces, such as strong wind gusts, creating a highly robust and more reliable drive train. The WinDrive© is based upon Vorecon© technology which has been applied successfully in many different industries since its introduction in 1961.

What makes this drive train configuration so reliable?

Seamlessly integrating well-proven robust technologies has created the extremely reliable grid friendly 2MW platform. Combining fixed speed synchronous generation, the work horse of traditional power generation, in combination with the Voith WinDrive©, with a mean-time-between-failures of greater than 39 years, has produced a wind turbine drive train with high availability and eliminated the need for power converters. The high durability of this system is demonstrated by the fact that it can be operated successfully at previously inconceivable elevation. Since the beginning of 2008, a Wind turbines turbine installed at an elevation exceeding 4,100 meters, has been generating electricity at a mine site near Veladero, Argentina.

Why design a system without power converters?

By the nature of their design, power converters are expensive pieces of equipment, and to minimize cost are designed with small tolerance to overheating. Overheating occurs to these systems each time they are required to operate outside of their small design tolerances. This leads to a design strategy where machines are set to shut down when the grid becomes unstable and outside of their small tolerances. Because of this wind farms are required to provide additional compensation devices at the point of interconnect, which add cost to the project, to account for converter-based turbines’ inability to deal with grid instability.

On the other hand Wind turbines grid friendly  turbine design not only operates through grid instability but also provides dynamic reactive power to support the grid through extreme events.



Wind turbines D9 Series 2000 kW



Wind turbines D8.2 2000 kW



Wind turbines D8.0 2000 kW


Wind turbines D6 1250 kW


Wind turbines D4 600 kW

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