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Walk in cooler

Looking for Refrigeration Energy Savings?

The Frigitek  is a product which can save substantial amounts of energy and cost in refrigeration systems.  It features two-speed operation of the evaporator fans – high speed during cooling, and low speed when not cooling. The Frigitek is not a VFD.

walk in coolerIt is designed to be easily retrofit into existing systems, and can be installed by anyone with skill in electrical installations.  It does not require a refrigeration specialist for installation.

Frigiteks are available for single-phase refrigerators and freezers, such as are used in convenience stores and restaurants, and for three-phase industrial-size refrigerators and freezers.

Typical payback time for a Frigitek system, including cost of installation, is under 18 months.

A great video to look at how to reduce energy costs in your walk-in coolers:

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