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Our company is teamed up with a telecommunications engineering firm which creates efficiencies in telecom, by taking an ‘engineering’ approach.
The goal is to improve network performance, and resiliency, while lowering your costs.

  • Does this sound familiar to you?
  • Have you heard others make a similar claim over the years?
  • So you have to ask, what makes these guys any different?

We address the root cause of your high telecom costs. Costs found in the underlying infrastructure of the phone company’s core networks. A service of ‘reverse engineering’ previously exclusive to the Fortune 500.

So how can our engineers take this approach to network design and savings, when others can’t?

  • Because our partner engineers have direct insight shared by less than 1% of the industry.
  • They designed and built the phone company’s core-network the very network that all of your services ride over.
  • They designed and manufactured the network equipment they use.
  • Eventually, the engineers role was to define the very products and services that end users like yourself purchase, which included defining the actual pricing and the marketing strategies used to sell them.

Their job was to develop the most robust and flexible core network with which to sell services over, and it had to be the lowest possible cost to operate. This is the baseline from which all phone companies must operate.

The Engineers simply brings that same approach to your network, along with nearly 30 years of leadership experience.

We don’t know of any other firm, (be it engineering, auditor, or consultant), which can make this claim.

Would you agree that this specific range of experience is very unique?

  • Our partner engineers, would be able to share design insight with you that others could not?
  • Our partner engineers would be in the best position to identify and address the root cause of your high telecom costs!


Allies in a disreputable industry!

We know how they operate, the underlying infrastructure, and the games that get played.
We position you to receive Enterprise quality and performance…without the cost!

Eliminate the ‘middleman’ and save.

Sales Reps get paid on what they sell you…we get paid on what we save you.
Get direct and devoted engineers on your team instead!
We design, deliver, and manage services based on ‘your’ best interests.

Brocher Insight 2010

Our Carrier Engineers partner with your IT Team to uncover the root of your high telecom costs buried in the underlying infrastructure of the phone companies

What do we bring to the table that others can’t?

Our breadth of network and equipment design/manufacturing experience, combined with first hand knowledge of policy defined behind closed door sessions within the telecom industry.

Realize the bulk potential of your savings with our MEASURABLE – AUTHORITATIVE – COST REVEALING INSIGHT


 Brocher Iceberg 2010

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