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What is the single most important cause of equipment failure in ice machines?


Water is known as the universal solvent in that it will dissolve bits of everything it comes into contact with. The formation of scale from hardness minerals is responsible for up to 70% of ice maker service calls. Scale build-up on machines surfaces reduces energy efficiency and ice production, interferes with the beverage quality and is the number one cause for machine failure and service interruption. Even though the water is not heated, hardness minerals tend to concentrate in the unfrozen water and precipitate out on the freezing surfaces, restricting tubes, orifices and valves. Ice in a scaled machines tends to stick to the scale, jamming the machine and stopping production. ScaleBlaster can prevent the scale formation forever, even removing the existing scale without salt, chemicals, or maintenance.

Chlorine, commonly used as a disinfectant, presents two problems for an ice machine. First, it can make the ice taste and smell bad, Second, it can cause pitting and corrosion on machine surfaces Off-taste and odor can come from a range of contaminants in addition to chlorine.


 The ScaleBlaster ICE50 package includes a 1000-gallon filter to reduce the chlorine taste & odor.


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