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By adding our new vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) OzoneMAX system alongside the MineralPURE system, you have the most thorough and effective chlorine alternative system available in the world. Ozone is formed naturally throughout the Earth’s atmosphere when sunlight reacts with oxygen molecules and during lighting storms.

  • Further reduces chlorine and oxidizer use with MineralPURE
  • Powerful oxidizer reacts 3,000 times faster than chlorine
  • Improves water clarity – crystal-clear water
  • Safe to use & produces no harmful by-products
  • Eliminates harmful chloramines

icon-pdfDownload the OzoneMax 2013 Product Sheet

What is Ozone?


The OzoneMAX system will require one of the following Venturi injection kits

Replacement Lamps


  • OZ-30L – Replacement lamp for OZ-30 – $95
  • OZ-60L – Replacement lamp for OZ-60 – $145
  • OZB-100 – Universal voltage for both models 120-277V – $115
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