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These motors had been installed in a food processing room where the entire room is periodically pressure washed with a sterilizing solution.Upon inspecting the motors, we were able to determine how the motors failed and discussed this with Regal-Beloit. They do not have a “fix” for the problem but we believe it is something that we can resolve here at ECE. As a result, I have attached a slightly revised catalog sheet with the only change being the entry on the bottom of the first page where we refer to a Moisture Resistant Option. We are recommending this option be specified where motors are subjected to wash- down but see no need to use it in locations that are simply damp.This option is applicable only to the MA142 and the P460 series motors.

energy equipment

Equipment and Accessories List

ECM l Controller:

energy equipment1
Use this controller with two-speed, three-wire EC motors. See Introducing ECM l Motor Controller for specifications. Standard package includes accessory kit containing Ice Sensor,Temperature Differential Sensor, Power Pigtail and selected fittings.When ordering, indicate the voltage desired, 120 or 240.


ECM I: $502.50

ECM lll Controller:

energy equipment2Use this two speed controller with variable speed EC Motors, normally 460 volts. When ordering, it is important to specify the speed of the original fan motor as the controller determines both the high and low speeds of the motors that it is controlling. The low speed will be set to 40% of high speed unless the customer requests otherwise.

ECM III: $1.125


2SB13 (120 volts) and 2SB14 (240 volts);

energy equipment3These two speed motors are for direct replacement of 16 watt shaded pole motors and may be used with the ECM l Frigitek controller. These differ from standard motors in that the shaft is 1⁄4” diameter and threaded.

2SB13: $134.02

2SB14: $141.08

Before committing a delivery date to your customer, especially with regard to the MA142 and the
P460 series motors; check with ECE Watsonville to determine if there is a sufficient quantity in stock. Lead time from the factory is four to five weeks.

Moisture Resistant Option is available for all MA142 and P460 motors. There are no external differences except for the label on the motor. These are strongly recommended in areas that are subjected to frequent washing such as food process rooms. Price $60.00 per Motor.


energy equipment6Two-speed Motor will replace 1/20 and 1/15 horsepower shaded pole motors. This motor uses a four bolt front or rear mounting 2” square mounting pattern. It may also be used where the motors are clamped into a band of 3.3” in diameter. For motors of this Hp but of larger diameter refer to the adapters shown below. These motors are factory programmed to operate at 1550 and 600 rpm with a fixed rotation of CW-SE.

MA59: $211.10


Must Specify voltage.

MA142 Series of two-speed EC motors are all of 48 frame type meaning they have a 5.625” energy equipment7diameter and a 1⁄2” shaft. These motors are used to replace PSC and three-phase motors to 240 volts. The standard speed settings are 1075 and 430 with a CW-SE. Speed and rotation can be reprogrammed at the Watsonville shop. All motors are smooth, without mounting brackets. Where base mount or 56 frame (6.5” diameter) motors are being replaced, refer to the items below.

MA142 Series prices, note the last two numbers denote the motor horsepower:

MA14215; $487.28 add $10.30 for 120 volt option
MA14213; $496.12 add $10.30 for 120 volt option
MA14212; $519.22 add $10.30 for 120 volt option

MA14234; $556.84 240 volts only
MA14210; $644.75 240 volts only


P460 Series

energy equipment8Motors are all designed as variable speed up to 1200 rpm, except the one horsepower model which is 1070. These 460 volt motors use the ECM lll controller and the controller sets the high speed to match the speed of the motors being replaced. These are also 48 frame smooth motors. See mounting brackets section.

P460 prices:

P46013; $548.20

P46012; $594.35

P46034; $631.72

P46010; $657.76



energy equipment9Adapter Plate is used when installing the MA59 motor into low velocity coils. These are the coils that are often found in butcher shops and florist coolers where the motor is mounted with the shaft vertically downward. The adapter is attached to the motor and lifted into the coil where the three mounting studs protrude through the grommets.

AP59: $16.00


AL59energy equipment10

Mounting ‘L’ Adapter is used when base mounted motors are being replaced by the MA59 motor. In the accompanying photo, the front of the motor is bolted to the adapter but the motor or the adapter may be rotated to more perfectly position the shaft and fan. There are four holes in the base of the adapter that will most often fit the original pattern but other holes may be drilled as needed.

AL59 price: $58.00



energy equipment11Wrap Around Adapter is used where the original motors mount into a clamp or band. The band shown adapts the MA59 motor, 3.3” diameter where a 5” diameter motor was originally installed. The zip tie shown in the photo slips off of the band as the motor and band are inserted into the motor mount. The zip tie is furnished with the adapter.Other diameter adapters are available at the same price.

AW59 price: $50.00



energy equipment12Mounting Bracket (blue) is used with the MA120, MA240 and the P460 series of motors when replacing base or cradle mounted 48 frame conventional motors. A 48 frame motor will have a diameter of 5.625” and will normally have a 1/2 inch shaft.

BR48: $80.00



energy equipment13Mounting bracket (gray) is used when replacing conventional 56 frame motors that are either base or cradle mounted. 56 frame motors are 6.5” in diameter and will most frequently have a 5/8” diameter shaft, in which case, a shaft sleeve will be required (see below).

BR56: $80.00



energy equipment14Belly Band Adapter is used when replacing 56 frame motors which are clamped in wire frames. To obtain proper depth adjustment, it may be necessary to remove one of the front screws that hold the wire entry cover plate on the motor.

AW48: $60.00


SS516 Shaft Sleeve Is slipped over the 5/16” shaft of a MA59 motor when the original motor has a 3/8” shaft.

energy equipment15

SS516: $4.90

SS12 Shaft Sleeve Is slipped over the 1⁄2” shaft of either the MA or P series motors when the original motor shaft has a 5/8” diameter as is often the case when replacing 56 frame motors.

SS12: $5.00


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